BMW Investing in Startup 3D Printing Company

October 17th, 2016 by


Over in the tech world, headlines are being made because BMW is investing in startup 3D printing company, Carbon. Last year, Carbon amazed many by creating a 3D printer that shockingly created a plastic ball from a very shallow pool of liquid resin. Now, the innovative startup company has created the M1 printer, which promises to be up to one hundred times faster than traditional 3D printers.

The company uses a variation of stereolithography technology called CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production). The machine can now create exceptionally intricate objects in about fifteen minutes, which seems like lightning speed compared to previous competing printers. Additionally, the technology used by Carbon allows for them to create objects that can be used in actual production, rather than simply prototyping.

Thanks to BMW and other major corporations, Carbon now has $222 million in funding to assist in the manufacturing and improvements of the M1 printer, as well as bringing the printer to more companies that are starting to transition from the previously mentioned prototyping to full production.

BMW has plans to eventually utilize the Carbon M1 printer on their manufacturing lines and is currently using the machine to create custom nameplates. We’re not sure exactly when the use of the technology will come to fruition on vehicles, but we’re excited about the development nonetheless.

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