BMW X5 vs. the Competition

December 11th, 2018 by

BMW X5 Driving on a CurveChicago drivers weighing a BMW X5 vs. the competition, we’re proud that you’re starting with a BMW-takes-all attitude. Finding a luxury crossover that can compete with what the X5 has to offer is tough. To show you what we mean, we’ve put the X5 up against 3 of its fiercest competitors.

BMW X5 vs. Audi Q7

When weighing the BMW X5 vs. Audi Q7, Business Insider said “There’s something to be said for simply getting it right, year after year. And make no mistake, BMW continues to get it right.” While the Audi Q7’s base price is lower than the BMW’s, in order for the Audi Q7 to be on similar footing to the BMW, many upgrades are in order.

Even with the necessary upgrades, the Audi Q7 falters when it comes to handling — an area where the stiffer suspension and dynamic driving of the BMW excels. The cabin of the BMW also carries a certain gravitas with it — the advantage of sticking with traditional design elements that are truly timeless. The Audi sports a digital display for the dash while the X5 is outfitted with gauges, designed and refined over decades.

To top it all off, while both vehicles offer seating for the whole family, one look at the cargo specs makes it clear where the advantage lies: the BMW’s max cargo area is 76.7 cubic feet to the 71.6 cubic feet of the Audi. Whether hauling cargo or putting the kids in the back seat, that means more space to get comfortable in the X5.

BMW X5 vs. Acura MDX

While Acura has certainly made confident strides in the luxury world, it’s still difficult to see the Acura MDX as anything more than a top-of-the-line Honda Pilot. As such, it has one main powertrain offering — a V6 — while the BMW offers a turbocharged I6, a V8, a turbocharged V8, and a plug-in hybrid — all of which eclipse the specs of the Acura MDX.

It’s easy to see which offers a more distinctive, luxurious style at a glance, too, and we think you’ll find the interior of the BMW more well-appointed as well, with a larger touchscreen (Acura’s is just 7 inches), a fuller stereo system, a panoramic sunroof, and standard premium upholstery. Whether you live in the city or you’re spending your time in Park Ridge or Oak Park, BMW clearly offers an edge over the MDX.

BMW X5 vs. Lexus RX 350

Whether performance, comfort, or luxury is king for you, the BMW X5 vs. Lexus RX 350 should be an easy choice: BMW leads on all three.

  • Performance: Not only does BMW present more engine options, even the standard I6 delivers 330 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque to the Lexus’ 267 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.
  • Comfort: A Lexus RX might compete with some luxury SUVs on size, but not the spacious BMW, where it falls short on standard and max cargo volume, front headroom, and shoulder room in front and rear seats.
  • Luxury: The Lexus’ budget-grade pricing means budget-grade materials. When you would expect a luxurious and well-appointed cabin, you’re instead asked to upgrade for a touchscreen, audio system, and upholstery on the level of the BMW X5.

Test Drive the BMW X5

Now that you’ve seen the BMW X5 vs. the competition, we hope it’s clear why so many Chicago drivers choose it. Contact Perillo BMW today to schedule a test drive of the new BMW X5 and decide for yourself — and remember, the BMW X3 trounces the competition too.

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