Perillo BMW Service Center

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Welcome to the Perillo BMW Service Center

Chicago-area drivers know car services and routine maintenance are essential in making sure your BMW is running smoothly. At the Perillo BMW service center near Park Ridge is here to make the BMW service rates affordable and the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

We have a team of highly trained service technicians that handles everything from routine maintenance to BMW repairs, Chicago drivers can rest easy knowing their vehicle is in excellent hands. Below is just a fraction of the BMW service we offer at our service center:

  • Battery Checks
  • Battery Replacements
  • Brake Inspections
  • Brake Pad Replacements
  • Emission Services
  • Filter Changes
  • Fluid Replacements
  • Full Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Headlight Replacements
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Alignments
  • Tire Rotation and Balances
  • BMW Tire Center
  • Transmission Flushes
  • Windshield Wiper Replacements

Get Affordable BMW Service Rates at Perillo BMW

When it’s time for regular car maintenance, schedule a service appointment online right from home. You can also browse our service specials to help you save on your visit to Perillo BMW. Having any issues with your vehicle or just have a question? Contact us today!

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  • Mon - Fri6:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat - SunClosed

Frequently Asked Questions – Car Service

Taking good care of your car is the best way to guarantee that it lives a long and healthy life. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to car service.

How often should I get my oil changed?
The right answer to this question varies depending on the type of oil you use and the kind of car you drive. Many newer cars will automatically warn you when it’s time to get your oil changed; if yours doesn’t, we recommend checking the Owner’s Manual. The catch-all answer to this is around every 4,000 miles.

What are the prices for an oil change?

4 cylinder – $99.00

6 cylinder – $119.00

8 cylinder – $139.00

**Excludes diesel and M models

What should the tire pressure be on my tires?
There are many reasons to have the proper amount of air in your tires, including better fuel economy, handling, and especially improved safety. To find out what your tire pressure should be, check the Owner’s Manual or the tire manufacturer’s website. You can also usually find the correct values on the tires themselves or on the width of the driver’s door. You can also contact our parts department if you can’t find the information.
oil change.jpg

How do I jump start my battery?

  • Bring the cars nose to nose but without letting them touch.
  • Find the positive (+) and negative (-) nodes of each battery. Check the Owner’s Manual if you can’t find them or have any doubts as to what you’re looking at.
  • Attach the red cable to the + node of the good battery.
  • Attach the other end of the red cable to the + node of the dead battery.
  • Attach the black cable to the – node of the good battery.
  • Attach the other end of the black cable to a piece of unpainted metal near the dead battery. Do not attach it to the – node of the dead battery.
  • Start the car with the good battery. Leave it running for a few minutes.
  • Start the car with the dead battery. If successful, disconnect the cables in reverse order. If not but the engine sounds like it’s about to catch, try again in a minute.
  • If the car still doesn’t start, you may need to get a new battery.

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