How to Jumpstart a BMW

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While BMW models are built to last, it’s always good to be armed with automotive knowledge in case you find yourself with a dead car battery. At Perillo BMW, you can learn ahead of time how to jumpstart a BMW safely so you can be back on Chicago roads in no time. Follow our guide today, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

1. Find a Buddy or Good Samaritan.

Enlist a friend, or friendly passer-by with a working car to help you jump your car.* Position your vehicles nose-to-nose (or side-by-side) and make sure both cars are in park with the parking brakes on.

*If you are stranded with a dead car in an unfamiliar or unpopulated area at night, it’s recommended to call a friend and wait in your car rather than to flag down a stranger. If you have a roadside assistance service like AAA or BMW Roadside Assistance you can also contact them for help.

2. Gather Materials & Prep the Terminals.

Pop the hood of your BMW and remove the jumper cables from your trunk. You may need to pop off a plastic battery cover to expose the terminals. With a rag, make sure the terminals are clear of rust or debris.

3. Attach the Jumper Cables in the Correct Order.

It’s essential to follow the below steps in order to prevent sparks or damage:

  • Attach one of the red clamps to the positive (POS/+) terminal on your dead vehicle.
  • Attach the other red clamp to the working vehicle’s positive terminal.
  • Attach one of the black clips to the working vehicle’s negative terminal.
  • Attach the other black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your dead vehicle.

4. Charge Your Battery.

Have the other person start their car, keeping it running for several minutes to allow your battery to get enough charge.

5. Start Your Car.

After several minutes, start your car.

  • If it starts, don’t turn it off right away. Carefully disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order they were placed on. Drive it for at least five minutes to ensure the battery gets charged enough to start it up next time around.
  • If it doesn’t turn on, check to make sure the jumper cables are properly installed, and try again in a few minutes. If your car still doesn’t start after a few tries, it might be completely dead, in which case you likely will need to call a tow truck.

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